Super Mediaglobe II (SMG II)

The Next Generation Konica Minolta Digital Dome Projection System

SUPER MEDIAGLOBE-II is the latest top-level model of the Konica Minolta MEDIAGLOBE series, the world’s first full-color single-lens digital planetarium. It projects simulations of the latest information gathered about our universe and presents it with leading-edge digital dome technology. Its 3-D digital planetarium functions simulate not just the earth and sky, but can take audiences to the edge of the known universe. The MEDIAGLOBE’s famous Graphical Control Interface (GUI) is now as powerful as it is easy to use.



  • High-resolution 2400 pixels (image diameter) and 10,000:1 contrast single-lens projection system
    SUPER MEDIAGLOBE II is the first single-lens digital planetarium to adopt a new standard in high-resolution projection (4096 x 2400 pixels), four times more pixels than the best HDTV image and a native contrast of 10,000:1. Super high-definition fish-eye lens designed for dome projection.
  • Advanced 3D digital planetarium (space simulations) function. In addition to showing stars down to 12.4 magnitude, 3D data of 118,000 fixed stars, proper motion data of fixed stars at any time from 1,000,000 BC to 1,000,000 AD, SUPER MEDIAGLOBE-II utilizes the comprehensive stellar database “Mitaka” from the *NAOJ 4D2U project.
  • Easy-to-use operation and functions to create and play back stored programs. SUPER MEDIAGLOBE II features a new and more powerful GUI interface. Its improved customization feature meets the wide-ranging needs of both beginners and experts.
  • New function provides realistic representation of natural sky phenomenon. In addition to the simulations of stars, constellations, and planets, SUPER MEDIAGLOBE II projects natural sky phenomenon including lightning, clouds, rain, snow and aurora that can be superimposed on the background sky or an all-sky image or movie.
  • “Dome Board” is like a black board which can place arrows, lines, and letters on the dome screen at any location. “Dome Board” can be used to annotate the starfield or a projected image by superimposing arrows, circles or text messages.
  • Projects high-resolution fulldome digital still and movie images and plays high-quality sound.


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