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Welcome to Konica Minolta Planetarium

The age of the universe is estimated to be around 13.7 billion years. The age of the Earth is considered to be around 4.6 billion years. 2009 was the International Year of Astronomy celebrating the 400th anniversary of the first use of the telescope by Galileo Galilei, and also the commemorative year of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. A planetarium is a “Space” where people can experience the history and the science of this vast universe.

The latest planetarium equipment can provide not only a conventional star field, but also images of planets and space craft, or images that take an audience outside of the galaxy by the combination of computer graphics technology and a digital projection device. Our planetarium equipment and shows have been installed in many science museums and facilities throughout the world, and have been well received.

Our directly managed planetarium, the Konica Minolta Planetarium “Manten” in Tokyo offers a space of inspirations and dreams, projecting star fields and computer graphics with music by popular artists in the background or showing “Healing Programs” which combines aroma fragrance with the star field projection. Many people, especially many repeat visitors, have come and enjoyed this new type of planetarium. We were pleased to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the “Manten” in March of 2010.

Konica Minolta Planetarium will continue to propose new ways to utilize a planetarium from various aspects; providing the latest equipment, creating planetarium shows and sharing management know-how.

Hiroaki Ueda
Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.

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