Optical Planetariums

Optical planetariums are the classic planetariums which we all know.

This type of planetarium uses a mechanical device, such as fiber optics or light luminous lamps, which projects towards the dome stars and other astronomical objects. Until the end of the past century they were the only type of planetarium available.

Today this type of planetarium has reached a high-level of quality and Konica Minolta is one of the best manufactures in the world.

Current state-of-the-art optical planetarium technology is represented by the Konica Minolta Infinium Series. This series has actually two models: the Infinium S, for domes in the range from 12 to 20 meters, and Infinium L, for domes in the range from 18 to 27 meters. Both models offer fiber optics projection in conjunction with metal halide lamps for high quality projection in a compact body.

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