New generation of planetarium with the latest technology condensed in a compact body is now available

The Infinium S reproduces realistic starry-sky with which audience feel temptation of observing the show forever, pursuing beauty and reality and high performance of learning astronomy.

The Infinium S is the new generation model of Infinium series of optical planetariums. Konica Minolta Planetarium put all of his precise know-how in opto-mechatronics into reproducing world’s most realistic star field. Also they investigated planetarium professionals about their way of planetarium operation to develop the easiest control console to provide high level planetarium presentation.

Infinium S reproduces the brilliant, sharp and realistic starry sky, by adopting the technology of optical fiber and high luminous lamp.

This optical planetarium introduces the projection method of light through the optical fiber with lens, and metal halide lamp of high color temperature. It can project natural-like and realistic starry sky, reproducing in high fidelity the difference of brightness for fixed stars and particular color tone of them. Also, in spite of a compact star-ball (approx. 70cm in diameter), it makes substantially increasing possible number of bright stars.

Specification Table

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