The largest of the Infinium Series

The Infinium L is an optical type of planetarium that projects the beautifully realistic starry sky, featuring the brightest, sharpest, and naturally twinkling stars.
The Infinium L is the new generation model of Infinium series of optical planetariums. Konica Minolta Planetarium puts all of its precise know-how in opto-mechatronics into reproducing world’s most realistic star field. Interviewing planetarium professionals about their way of planetarium operation to develop the easiest control console to provide high level planetarium presentation.


Projecting a Realistic Star Field is the World’s First Hybrid Optical Fiber System

  • Beam from the light bulb is divided into Fixed Star Projectors and Bright Star Projectors.
  • Fixed Star Projectors provide 15,000 – 29,000 fixed stars and 350,000 tiny stars in the Milky Way. Using this method, number of stars and durability has been greatly enhanced.
  • Bright Star Projectors provide 23-bright stars such as Sirius with sharp and pinpoint image.
  • The Hybrid Optical Fiber System is an Evolutional optical system which enables enlarging number and brightness of the stars.


Main features

  • Positions of fixed stars are superbly accurate.

    By using latest astronomical data and our unique laser processing technique. Star Plates, core parts of fixed star projector, has manufactured by using our original precise laser processor. Latest astronomical data and precise calculation for compensation of lens distortion provide superb accurate star positioning. Accuracy of projected position of each fixed star in less than 0.5 arc minutes. Audience who watches the star field by pair of binoculars will be able to study that the Milky Way, Andromeda Galaxy and major deep sky objects are composed by tiny stars as same as real sky.

  • Realistic reproduction of star magnitude.

    We have been putting concentrate on making most realistic star field. We took the Pogson’s law as the basic concept then made modification on the faint stars to reproduce more natural appearance. Hybrid Optical Fiber system prevent any uneven illumination in the entire star field. Therefore the star magnitude is accurate for the entire sky.

  • Color reproduction of fixed stars.

    We chose Metal Halide Lamp as the light source. Metal Halide Lamp has 6000K color temperature and it is similar to the Sun. Fixed stars brighter than 2.5 magnitudes have each color as natural by using filters on the star plates. These colors do not affect reproduction of magnitude.

  • Digital Shutter for Fixed Star Projector.

    Fixed Star Projector has Digitally Controlled Shutter. This mechanism enables the operator to switch the horizon as tilted or horizontal. Tilted horizon is used for space travel show. Horizontal horizon is used for astronomy education.

  • Scintillation Function.

    All fixed stars have scintillation function. They randomly twinkle as natural.

  • Sun, Moon and Planets projectors.

    Sun, Moon and Planets projectors also have Optical Fiber System. The projected images are much brighter than other former system. Not only planets but also major satellites such as Phobos, Deimos, Io and Europa can be projected without any additional software. Accuracy of each planet position on calculation is less than 0.2 degree within plus or minus 3,000 years.

  • Combination of the integrated console.

    Adopting universal design and newly designed GUI made the best function possible remarkably for operation. Regardless of the age of operator, young or old, the console can easily be used in the dark room with dim light because of easily usable layout, and larger letter and pictograph are on it. Also, it utilizes Windows with newly designed GUI (Graphical User Interface), and made the easy operation possible remarkably for operators.

  • The operation of all peripheral equipments can be managed from the Console.

    The operation of all peripheral equipments can be done from Console by the network control. Needless to say, during Automatic operation, Manual or Semi-Automatic operation, All-sky digital projection system and sound system can be controlled with perfect freedom.

Specification Table

DomeDome Size18~27m
Dome TypeHorizontal / tilted
Number of seats180~350 seats
Projection of starsProjection method of starsLight through Optical fiber w/lens, 12 partition in one star-ball
Light sourceMetal halide
Number of stars15,000(magnitude 7.0) ~ 29,000 (magnitude 7.6), Approx. 350,000 in Milky Way area
Reproduce color toneReproducing a particular tone of 91 fixed stars up to magnitude 2.5
Bright Stars23
TwinklingBright Stars, All (except Milky Way area) Fixed Star (Option)
Nebula, Star cluster24 star plates specially processed based on positioning stars data
Other projectionSun, Moon and PlanetMovement of any observing points near the solar system, reproducing waxing and waning of the moon with zooming function
Visible celestial bodiesMercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Phobos, Deimos, Io, Europa, Ganimede, Callisto, Titano, comets, satellites, Virtual Celestial Body etc.
Control functionSimulation showDaily motion of fixed star etc., on the planet, satellite and Virtual Celestial Body
Automatic controlPossible number of memories of general show-programs up to 100,000 data. Stopping of any position or Insertion during the show program, also natural intrusion, choosing automatic return to the show, and both Automatic and Manual operation in parallel
Manual ControlContinuous light control (Fixed star, sunrise and sunset), instant projection of the day' s starry sky, in-put of pointing a map / star map

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