Super Mediaglobe II (SMG II)

Super Mediaglobe II (SMG II) The Next Generation Konica Minolta Digital Dome Projection System SUPER MEDIAGLOBE-II is the latest top-level model of the Konica Minolta MEDIAGLOBE series, the world’s first full-color single-lens digital planetarium. It projects simulations of the latest information gathered about our universe and presents it with leading-edge digital dome technology. Its 3-D digital planetarium functions simulate not just the earth and sky, but can take audiences to the edge of the known universe. The...

Mediaglobe III (MG III)

Mediaglobe III (MG III) MEDIAGLOBE-III Delivers Sharper, Higher-Definition Images of Our Universe with Dazzling Computer Graphics, Incomparable Functionality and Ease of Use! MEDIAGLOBE-III is a new Konica Minolta Planetarium designed for small to medium size domes and features higher image resolution, higher contrast ration; a newly designed precision fish-eye lens, and boasts the same easy-to-use 3-D digital planetarium funtion as a flagship model, SUPER MEDIAGLOBE-II Mediaglobe III...

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About UsMagna-Tech Electronic Company, Inc. offers a total solution to your needs for a state-of-the-art digital and optical-mechanical planetariums. We invite you to meet our highly qualified and experienced team. Let the professionals at Magna-Tech Electronic Company show you how easy it is to build, equip, and operate a modern planetarium.
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