Hybrid Planetariums

The hybrid planetarium combines the classic optical projection technique, with the power, flexibility and infinite potential of digital systems. This is the most complex but also the most powerful type of planetarium available today. Konica Minolta was the first company in the world to develop the optical-digital hybrid. Now, with GEMINISTAR III, Konica Minolta combines the best optical planetarium available – the Infinium series – with different types of digital systems, such as...


GEMINISTAR III Seamless projection of a realistic star field by optical system and dynamic computer graphic by digital system provides a new generation space theater. Since announcing the GEMINISTAR , the world’s first integrated planetarium, in 1994, Konica Minolta has been a consistent pioneer of integrated systems, sending many integrated planetariums out into the world. And today, as a result of further research and development, a new model is born: GEMINISTAR III, the integrated planetarium of 3rd...

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